I cannot connect to the ILL Visitors' Club, Why?

Once you have received a valid ID, you may still encounter problems when connecting to the Visitors' Club. The main reasons are :

- Password is case sensitive fields, be sure to enter it properly.

- You have updated your username and/or password and you do not remember it. Use the forgotten ID page to get it back by email.

- You browser must be configured for accepting "cookies": a"cookie" is just a small string of text that contains the session ID but nothing about your personal data. When you log into the CV, your browser will be asked to save a cookie. CV uses the cookie to authenticate membership. Only individuals with a valid cookie in their browser can access restricted areas on the CV.
All browsers are configured a little differently, so check your browser's menu options for accepting cookies and follow your browser's procedures.
If you are running any "cookie cutter" software, be sure it does not remove the CV cookies.

- Your HTTP Proxy and/or firewall configuration is removing cookie information : contact your network administrator.

Right now, the CV has no alternative authentication method for those of you who prefer not to accept browser cookies. Currently, the CV technology is such that if you do not accept the cookie, you will not be able to use the restricted areas.

If you still encounter problems contact us (club@ill.fr), we can help you.